Sitemap - 2022 - Letters from Suzanne

Chimamanda and Free Speech .What does it cost for women?

Reclaiming Sinéad O' Connor

Why I didn't go on I'm A Celeb

Subs not sobs

How I was Wrong about Remembrance Day

Dicking About: Are Women Afraid of The Penis?

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Family life

What if I had not had kids?

Graham Norton was indeed vile about Jade Goody. But so were many others...

Drowning not Waving (Truss)

Mermaids :I don't feel vindicated

Feminists fight. What's new? The stupefied left transitions into a right wing cult.

I wrote about my hero of 2014: Hilary Mantel. She is still my hero. What an immense loss...

The Life That I Have

I can't go on. I'll go on. The Queen is Dead .

Watching . Waiting.

Diana. On covering her life and her death.

Maitlis, Balance and Substack. Why are we switching off the news?

In Praise of Rushdie and his "Fearless Disrespect"

Forget Culture Wars. Culture IS War.

Blowing Down the House of Cards: Bailey, Cass, Duffield

What is therapy? What is conversion therapy?

Allison Bailey Verdict Tomorrow. A piece I wrote in April about her..

More to come.

My Sex Education

The Elephant in The Room: The Tories are Doing Diversity while the Left just talks about it

The Metamorphosis of Misogyny

Male violence or the right side of history? Who knows? I do.

Locking Up Girls

What is wrong with political journalism?

Welcome and what are you after?

A Conversation with Dominic Cummings

Breasts. What are they good for?


I Didn't Go to SpecSavers: On Ageing and Seeing

Do we need some cheer?

A Birthing Body Speaks: You Can't Defend What You Can't Define

Ten years of Tony Blair. A piece from 2007...was I right? Was I wrong?

The Last Word on Owen Jones

That lunch...

That lunch

Rapping the knuckles of the poor The cost of living crisis is an act of class warfare



What do we mean by therapy when it comes to conversion therapy

What do we mean by therapy when it comes to conversion therapy?

How to be a good enough mother..

The Tide Turns: Lia, Labour and Loony Tunes Bragg Can't Stop It

Am on it! With Fresh Eyes

A Warm Gun : Learning to Shoot

I am a Dinosaur: Hear me Roar

Blowing my own trumpet!

An Epic Lunch with the Poet Laureate: Dr John Cooper Clarke

All true??? Madness

Zelenksyy : Mensch

Took my eyes off the ball

Uncommon Decency : PJ O'Rourke

Betty Davis. Forever Funk. Forever Love

Nadine. Honey is that you?

Boris Johnson . My Pure Hatred

Pronoun Wars: Bindel V Penny

Why is politics so weird?

The Walls Come Tumbling Down: Johnson, Andrew, Djokovic

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Get up off your knees...

My David Bowie

Hanging out with Camille Paglia...

To my Ex-Friends. On being excommunicated...