Sitemap - 2021 - Letters from Suzanne

4) Kathy Acker

3) Fenella Fielding Happy Christmas Darlings

To all of you I send love and thanks for being part of this!

Christmas Offer XX

The Real Deal : Truth, Lies and Keanu

2) Anita Pallenberg

1) Yoko Ono

A Conversation I had with bell hooks in 1997. What a woman, what a loss

A pause?

Notes from afar: Canapés and Lies

When bullies claim victimhood...

New essay tomorrow

The Housing Crisis. What would I know about that?

Stonewall crumbles, Prick News settles, Owen Jones and mates in dumb and dumber shocker.

On not winning a prize I did not want

Am writing...please hang on

Interview on LSD and its benefits

Telegraph Paywall

I am waiting for my baby

Marxism for beginners .Helpful for Owen Jones , Jolyon Maugham ,their pets and the Butler .

The State of the Nation: The Nation is in a State

Interview with me. Hope this one works let me know.

They have come for Kathleen Stock. Who is next?

Short Term Lets

Reality and the Labour Party. Is the cervix the new clitoris?

From 2017 when #Metoo was a thing. Four years on we discover "low-level" sexual harassment matters???

Hello and thank you to the new people here. Happy to have you in the gang

Endanger Duffield . Endanger us all

Sept 11th. What disappears..

Bodies in Trouble. Judith Butler's many denials

Levitation...well what else was there to do at school?

Trans Ideology and the Left : In Conversation with Dr Jane Clare Jones

Men who just cannot hear women. Ince, Tatchell Bragg and all the usual suspects

Afghanistan. I told you so. Really?

In Praise of Impure Thoughts

Can't let Ruby go

What I thought of the X Factor 10 years ago!

My Guide to Gender Trouble

Special Offer

Shall I write a guide ' How to educate yourself about the gender wars' ?

Why are left-wing women writing in right-wing newspapers?

Why everyone should wait tables

Introducing Ruby

Honies I'm Home

My Luxury Holiday Hell

My Personal Freedom Day

If the Green Party does not know what a woman is what is it for?

Football. Thoughts and a Prayer

What would you like?

Caring for sick children. A mother's work

Protecting women' space. Protecting women's speech

Protecting women's space. Protecting women's speech

Hello. Have a rummage

Here in my car

The Inquisition :Jess De Wahls

Misogyny Club

Naomi Wolf. Oh dear.

Imagine. The Backlash

Cummings .And goings

What is Substack?

Twitter hates women

Diana. Defund the Monarchy

Happy Birthday Mr Zimmerman


My own personal tear gas

My chat to Dr Kathleen Stock

Election thoughts: Patronise me some more

Caitlyn Jenner : The Trans Terf

Noel Clarke . A one man show?

Carrie, Cummings and the Coup

Carrie, Cummings and the Coup

The Higgs Boson Blues The Wonders of Cern

The Sacred Podcast

I got all radicalised without going on Mumsnet!!

Check your spam

Guest writers/artists step up

The start of the chapter of the book I never write. Treacherous women I love

Subscription only because I am worth it

The Death of a Duke

How are you feeling about coming out of lockdown?

Owen Jones and the Twitter Baby

How to have a baby...

How to give birth ...

The Myth of Intergenerational Strife

Free columns

A Room of One's own . Top tips!!

Calling in sick

Careful on pics and comments as we don't want to prejudice court cases. Here is a poem instead

If anyone wants to share their experience here please do...anon is fine. Listening to each other reminds us that this culture existed for years and still exists. Silence does not protect us.

My Mum knew right from wrong. Don't we all in the end? And I feel like we might need a small tale of resistance this week


Get up off your knees

Why Jordan Peterson should take more drugs

In praise of bad language

How I didn't get a bloody jab

Gimme the money

Sly Stone For Ever

Notes on Woke

The Dumbstruck Men of the Left.

There won't be blood

The post-cancellation of Julie Bindel. Not on my watch mate....

No Comment

I want my toxins. All of them

Hate this time, love these things

Covid deniers and those who deny biological sex? What's the difference?

Its a sin. A note on Twitter's WitchFinders General

Walking Away

On being a difficult employee

Is this the future of journalism?


A picture of Grace

Burning down the house

An interesting chat I hope?


Bowie of course

Notes on this fucking shit. And my new earrings

Freud is radical