Sub me

A quick note on sub-editing : Having seen some snark (she can’t write etc etc) I see that apart from finding yet more ways to whinge about me, what is really being complained about is my punctuation .

Guess what? I can take this criticism without falling apart. For years I have depended on the kindness of sub-editors to edit my copy. I can edit someone else in a way that I am not able to edit myself , especially when I am dashing out words .

Subs are the unsung heroes of journalism. I really can’t stand it when I hear about someone like Giles Coren being a prick to them. I have worked with all kinds of divas who think that having a comma changed is tantamount to abuse. Its a way of pulling rank born of entitlement. It’s like blaming a waiter for the food being not quite what you expected .

Its just rude.

So when this thing gets up and running , I will get in a pro. Meanwhile there will be typos and all the rest. My feeling is the pub can take a spelling mistake or three.

This cartoon spoke to me . Have a good Sunday !