Stonewall crumbles, Prick News settles, Owen Jones and mates in dumb and dumber shocker.

The wall of stupid starts to crumble and now more people may begin to understand why Stonewall and that crew has held onto its ‘no debate’ policy for so long.

While they hand out incorrect advice on the law to those who have signed up to their Diversity Champions Scheme, they have always refused to actually debate those who question their current stance, even if those people are founding members of their organisation.

No debate is a tactic ,one can see running through what is known as Dentons , a document produced by the Thomas Reuters Foundation .

It outlines ways to get the law changed in several countries so that children may legally change their gender without the approval of their parents. By comparing different countries , it says such a stance is unlikely to win popular support but that one of the ways to push through changes in law is to avoid media exposure. Keep the press out in other words. Introduce legislation by sleight of hand .

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It all a bit “ Don’t let the daylight in upon the magic of the monarchy”. To believe in the monarchy one has to not to look too closely and believe a lot of absolute rubbish. It’s the same with gender identity nonsense. If you hold it near a light source, it simply melts. As a belief system : gender is just a feeling in your head and a fuzzy one at that.

I was gob-smacked to hear Ellie Mae O’Hagan on Politics Live ramble on:

"I actually don't know why some people are women and why some people are men... and anyone who claims to know the answer to that question is a liar.”

 Where to start ? Who gave birth to this person and how? Was it a man , a woman , Owen Jones? This person is confused and babbled about “Live and let Live”  which is always sweet at TRA’s regularly send people like me messages that say “Die Terf” .

Rosie Duffield MP , explained that working class women who often need single sex spaces in prison or refuges do not want to be around male bodied people. O’Hagan ignored this, as ‘male-bodied’ does not compute with the idea of someone simply  declaring themselves female

Then John McDonnell, no less ,congratulated O’Hagan for being impressive  while most of us just laughed.

As ever, I don’t know who O’Hagan’s  performance was for but her own mates but then Labour is in the business of chucking out a woman for saying that only women have the menopause.

Bodies, messy female ones in particular, remain awkward for Labour and for Stonewall.  Don’t debate such stuff as remember, to do so apparently , denies the existence of trans people. That’s the mantra. Actually it denies the experience of women but that is apparently fine.

Then we got Nancy Kelley of Stonewall , it’s CEO, finally agreeing to be interviewed on Woman’s Hour. She is of the same intellectual calibre as O’Hagan and as disingenuous. The excellent Emma Barnett asked her several questions that she should have been prepared for but seemingly wasn’t.  How is she is a CEO? My cat could have done better and my cat is largely indifferent to this and every other issue.

Is JK Rowling transphobic, she was asked . Kelley didn’t know as she hadn’t met her . What about Kathleen Stock?  Kelley had some empathy but not enough clearly to make any intervention in the bullying of this woman for four years. Kelley kept trying to talk about being a Mum, perhaps because this was Woman’s Hour. Who knows? Who cares? But the kicker was when she said that actually you cannot change biological sex and that it is possible to have ‘gender critical beliefs’ that are not harmful to trans people.

When I said these things in The Guardian well….we know what happened. Yet now the head of Stonewall says them. Is she an evil Terf? What the hell is happening? Stonewall is on the ropes finally and its incoherent briefs are showing. The advice it hands out to its Diversity Champions misrepresents the law. Stephen Nolan did not so much shine a light as throw a flare into how they operate.

The wheels are coming off the bus. Julie Bindel sued Prick News, who ran a story 18 months  ago  about the ‘gender critical cult’ ,  in which she was not named but clearly recognisable. She had apparently groomed a vulnerable young lesbian and promised to find her wife. I joked at the time that she had never offered me a wife but I knew that as someone who for decades has campaigned against exploitation , coercion and violence against women and girls , this was just awful, hurtful stuff.

Inevitably Owen Jones tweeted this pile of made up garbage as a “must read”. Such is his journalistic nous.

Bindel and Pink News have come to a settlement and made a joint statement. Ben Cohen head of that publication when questioned by Stephen Nolan  was another person who spluttered over the most basic questions on sex and ‘gender identity.’  Adrian Harrop  is currently going through  a General Medical Council Tribunal for doxxing  and threatening women online. This was done in the name of “trans rights”.  He is a GP for god’s sake

Vice are portraying  him as a victim. That’s going to be hard to stand that one up as evidence mounts.

You won’ t read any of this stuff in my former paper as they simply  don’t report anything that is outside their ideological remit so thank god , the BBC are beginning to.

But if you want to learn how journalism works , there is an Owen Jones Masterclass online for £50 , No honestly,  there is, this is not a joke? I have better ideas on how you might spend that sum if you want to learn to write. Or even think. Ask me….

 It all getting Dumb and Dumber. So let the debate happen as it is so obvious that  not one of these people can actually debate at all.  Cultish thinking, where even basic terms are not defined hardly leads to fruitful discussion.

Yet something is shifting.  The more people understand this discussion the more they see that ‘trans rights’ is not the only issue in town and begin to respect the fact that women need boundaries.  You would have to be highly stupid not to have seen this before now. But then no one has wanted you to see it.

That’s been the strategy for a long time and now its falling apart.