Endanger Duffield . Endanger us all


I had no intention of writing today but I am so furious I have got the Alabama 3 soundtrack playing in my head.

“Woke up this mornin'
Got yourself a gun
Your mama always said you'd be the chosen one
She said "you're one in a million, you got to burn to shine"
But you were born under a bad sign with a blue moon in your eyes”


No, I haven’t actually got a gun but you know what?  If no one will defend women, I think we may have to defend ourselves.  That’s not a threat by the way, I get actual threats all the time from  people pointing  guns . It’s only social media. It’s only silly intimidation. It’s not real violence. This is because I am Terfscum/ Gender Critical/ a feminist/ a whore/ a fascist / a woman with a voice.

A woman who thinks biology is real.

That’s all it takes these days to be told you need to be beheaded and raped to death. So forgive me, if when I read that Rosie Duffield cannot go to the Labour Party conference because her safety cannot be guaranteed, I am more than a little miffed. Luciana Berger had to have police escorts at conference as she was Jewish.  What a welcoming era the Corbynites created!

Duffield has actually done two crimes now that are virtually interchangeable in the Labour ranks. In 2018 she attend a rally . Enough is Enough , a rally against anti-Jewish racism. All Labour MPs should have been there, only a few were.

The second is that she thinks that “only women have a cervix”. Crazy lady !!!  She also thinks  male-bodied people should not enter female only spaces simply  because they identify as women.

For this she is deemed “transphobic”. Any woman who believes sex is real – a fair few  -is now “transphobic”. The word has become meaningless. As a female MP was murdered, I am astonished at Keir Starmer’s silence and appalled that many female MPs who I respect, dare not speak out. Why? Because they will come for you if you defend Duffield? Listen, they will come for you anyway.

“Transphobia” is now a conduit for the hatred of women to dress itself up as principled activism. For most of these fools, activism is insulting women on Twitter. Many of them are hardly big thinkers but happy to embrace an identity politics that is supremely individualistic and hyper-capitalist, the actual opposite of the socialism that they aspire to.  Much of this is very little to do with trans people who nearly every single feminist believes should have better access to  health care but who make up a very small number of the population.

The internal conflicts of the Labour  Party are not my idea of fun. At the last few conferences I attended, I saw male violence in action. Yes indeed, I went to  a few World Transformed sessions  and they were interesting and met the super rich /slick James Schneider brought in to jazz up comms.  It was going swimmingly until I bumped into a long serving woman MP who burst into tears on me as she had just had a brick thrown through her window as she was not a Corbynite. Her and her staff were terrified of where this was all going….

Left wing men use violence against women but hey its all for a good cause? Any of them read the new stats on the horrendous increase in violence against women and girls?

At the last conference I went to , I was privy to the endless denials of anti-Semitism and watched so- called activists banging on the windows of a Women’s Place meeting. This is not a party I ever want anything to do with.

If you cannot and will not guarantee the safety of female MPs, how do you guarantee the safety of ordinary women?

Chant your mantra of trans women are women  as much as you like. Very few trans women are murdered in this country and each of those murders is an abomination  (the rate is about one a year) . Yet let’s not forget us privileged natal women are murdered at the rate of 2 a week. That is acceptable? That’s just how it is?

Who kills women? Who kills trans women? Not feminists . Not even Terfs . Another meaningless word.

Men kill women. Men. Clear enough?

Just get real. Also live in a world beyond inane demonstrations of your goodness on social media. Your “inclusivity” now means many women cannot stand to go into public life because it is horrendous .

As Andrea Dworkin wrote
“To right wing men, we are private property. To left wing men, we are public property.”

Which means that we are publicly abused while the so-called left look away.

It’s been that way all my life and the least I expect from a supposedly socialist party is some idea of global solidarity.  But no? Boko Haram deliberately rape and impregnate the school girls they capture. We heard in the Hague in 2000 “the unimaginable  horrors  “ perpetrated  against Muslim girls as young as 12 by Serbian troops during the Bosnian conflict. Again they were deliberately impregnated.

I have interviewed women who were forced to give birth to their rapist’s babies. This is currently what the new law in Texas will allow ,so please don’t talk to me about  your precious , ever-changing gender identity and how sex is a construct.

 Do Labour MPs even believe this? Were they born from a body without a sex? Amazing if true.

And again I ask why the silence from the big hitters in politics? The male columnists who write about Biden or Climate Change or the ins and outs of government reshuffles. Is all this a women’s issue in which you have no stake?

And I haven’t even mentioned the born again do-gooding patriarchs who think women’s rights are theirs to give away. They like to identify as living saints , these patronising gits bring in their useful idiots like Judith Butler to back them up, clearly never having actually read any feminist thinkers.

You , yes you, keeping quiet over there in the corner are absolute cowards. And losers.  A socialism in which women don’t count is no surprise to me because all this crap is a strange kind of transference. I don’t even  think it is actually about transphobia. It’s all a proxy war for the fact that the left is doing  badly even against the most inept  government ever. You can blame Starmer sure. You can blame transphobes. Or you can look at yourselves. Which I know is unpleasant.

As all you would see is a bunch of excitable children (actually with little experience of children) who think feminism is some kind of charity effort. Join the RSPCA. You would probably do more good.

I am disgusted by the silence all around me. I want every political journalist who attends the Labour Party conference to ask about why Duffield is not there.  I want you to take violence against women and gay people seriously and to talk about who actually DOES it.

Do your job.

If you ever began to  you might  understand just how much anger there is out there. And it aint pretty. And it isn’t polite. And you need to deal with it.

“Herr God, Herr Lucifer   



  Out of the ash

  I rise with my red hair   

  And I eat men like air.”